Much of the success behind creating spectacular music festivals are the sponsors that help to make the festival possible. But not only does sponsorship benefit the festival at hand along with the musicians it also benefits the business. In fact, becoming a music event/festival sponsor has many great benefits and can have a very positive impact on the business providing sponsorship.

Perhaps the only downfall of becoming a sponsor of a music festival is finding the right fit when it comes to genres of music or festival style.

Why is pairing your business with the right music important for your brand?

One of the positive aspects of becoming a sponsor is that you have the ability to use the bands performing as a way to gauge the demographics of people that you will be reaching. This, in turn, helps you to showcase or bring awareness to your brand in the right capacity.

201 Wrap is a paint protection film & vehicle wrap business out of Florida. They began sponsorship of music festivals after adding a PPF to one of the band’s tour buses. They loved the band and the music and saw an opportunity to not only market their business but to also be a part of the music they identified with, while also helping to bring the community together. There is something about the love for music and the rush of enjoying it live in a concert-like venue. 

Their first music festival sponsorship started 6 years ago and they continue to sponsor a handful of festivals/events a year. Since building these sponsorship relationships they have seen a huge increase in sales and revenue. They have increased their brand awareness and have also gained many referrals in the music industry. And while they may have discovered this marketing technique early on, more and more businesses are entering into the music sponsorship industry to help bring communities together and create brand awareness at their targeted demographic. In 2016 it was reported that the music sponsorship industry was labeled the highest sponsorship industry with more than $1.4 billion dollars in contributions.

Music sponsorship is an amazing marketing concept as well as something fantastic to be a part of. Music has a way of reaching people and creating a bond between those who love and identify with the same music. A big part of who you are and the services/products you offer as a business stems from your core values and beliefs. Consumers tend to gravitate towards the ones that they feel have the same moral standings and concepts as themselves.