What many don’t realize when it comes to preparing a venue for a concert, show or any kind of entertainment event, weather & nature are two very important factors to consider. A great event to reference that was extremely effected by weather conditions is the Sugarland concert that took place at the Indiana State Fair Grounds in August of 2011. Even with multiple severe thunderstorm warnings and advisement from experts, the venue planners & band were more concerned about the rescheduling of the concert than the safety of themselves and the concert go-ers. In the end, the stage collapsed killing 7 innocent people and seriously injuring 58 others.

When it comes to concerts or events the people coming to enjoy the event are more focused on the atmosphere and the show they came to see than what is going on around them. If the event wasn’t canceled because of some storm warning it must not be that bad right? However, if you stop and take a look at your surroundings if a storm were to hit would the concert go-ers, staff, entertainers and all others be safe? Are the trees around the area and other foliage well taken care of so as not to have any falling trees, branches, etc. that could potentially become dangerous or deadly? A local arborist based out of Phoenix, Arizona states, “you would be surprised at just how dangerous seemingly safe landscaping can be”. Gilbert, once a small town in AZ has begun to grow over the years with many young families and young adults moving to the neighborhoods to raise families and enjoy the many different events that can be found throughout Gilbert. That being said tree trimming Gilbert experts, All About Trees say they stay busy with palm tree upkeep, making sure the trees and other foliage around the event areas stay well maintained, healthy and full of nutrients. A lot of the time trees become dangerous because of the lack of care they have received. If they are not getting the water, nutrients, and care that are needed they can start to die and become hazardous.


Did you know that for the last few decades the American Meteorological Society has called for clearer & stricter guidelines when it comes to outdoor events and large gatherings? Each year people die at different events or are seriously injured due to falling trees or other debris caused by weather-related issues. And AMS who is a leading weather-related organization also states that if there were better guidelines in place and better prior planning in place a lot of weather or foliage related injuries and deaths at these big events can be prevented. The good thing is even if there is still work to be done to create and set in place these stricter guidelines, we are aware of the problem and will continue to use the August 2011 Sugarland concert as a reference to why we need to be prepared at these events. The safety and lives of others depend on it!