With COVID-19 hitting America and the entire world as hard & as fast as it has many big music events have been cancelled. And while many are devastated they are also in fear of what going to these huge venues could entail health risk wise. Is there any end in sight? Will the world ever be able to go back to some version of its old self? Entertainment events, sporting events, Broadway shows and the like will once again be able to commence, but with it the reality of new safety precautions for your health.

Take a look at just some of the major music events that have been cancelled around the globe due to the new COVID-19 restrictions & safety procedures.

  • Coachella Music Festiva-Indio Valley, California
  • Stagecoach Music Festival-Indio, California
  • SXSW-Austin Based Music Festival
  • Glastonbury Festival- 5-day British Music Festival
  • Bonnaroo- Tennesse Music Festival
  • Country Thunder- Florence, AZ
  • Firefly Music Festival- Dover, Delaware

These are just some of the music events that have been cancelled for the year 2020. On top of these events, Broadway performances have been suspended indefinitely as well as other huge conferences like Comic-Con, The Met Gala, and various award shows. Some are hoping to reschedule for a later date but with the looks of things even who knows really when that could even be!



In one of our last blog posts, we wrote about the importance of sponsorships to a music festival as well as the great marketing technique for the sponsoring business. This is just one example of the intricate parts needed to put on a music festival and an amazing one at that. 

Amazing Music Festivals Are Born Out Of The Small Details

That’s right, amazing music festivals are born out of the small details. From the festival gear & apparel available to the outhouses, vendors and band line up all the big and small parts create the festival itself. One of the biggest factors to consider when presenting a festival is waste management. From sanitary bathroom facilities to sinks and handwashing areas and the disposal of waste, all of these matters! Working with a reputable portable bathroom company and utilizing large on-site dumpsters that can be hauled away easily are great ways to get a handle on waste management. Not to mention the more efficiently you handle waste conditions at a festival the easier and more sanitary the clean up is after the festival is over. Having a sanitation and waste disposal issue in the midst of a large festival can not only be problematic and stressful it can also create larger issues that can threaten the success of the festival itself.


Check out your area and do your due diligence when it comes to waste management and sanitation services. Finding a company you like and trust can make all the difference. A lot of times companies will work with you giving incentives should you utilize their services on a contractual basis. Florida based company, Dumpster Today, offers free delivery and pick up of your dumpster taking one less thing off your list of things to worry about. That means should you need the dumpster emptied every day, which is highly likely, you just schedule a pickup time and let them take care of the waste disposal. 


Breaking down your festival prep into segments can help you to gain control of the list of small stuff that needs to be taken care of to prevent bigger issues down the road. Great music festivals aren’t born they are created! 


Whether you are attending your very first music festival or you are about to enjoy your 6th but always seem to forget something essential, check out this video on what you should not leave home without!