What many don’t realize when it comes to preparing a venue for a concert, show or any kind of entertainment event, weather & nature are two very important factors to consider. A great event to reference that was extremely effected by weather conditions is the Sugarland concert that took place at the Indiana State Fair Grounds in August of 2011. Even with multiple severe thunderstorm warnings and advisement from experts, the venue planners & band were more concerned about the rescheduling of the concert than the safety of themselves and the concert go-ers. In the end, the stage collapsed killing 7 innocent people and seriously injuring 58 others.

When it comes to concerts or events the people coming to enjoy the event are more focused on the atmosphere and the show they came to see than what is going on around them. If the event wasn’t canceled because of some storm warning it must not be that bad right? However, if you stop and take a look at your surroundings if a storm were to hit would the concert go-ers, staff, entertainers and all others be safe? Are the trees around the area and other foliage well taken care of so as not to have any falling trees, branches, etc. that could potentially become dangerous or deadly? A local arborist based out of Phoenix, Arizona states, “you would be surprised at just how dangerous seemingly safe landscaping can be”. Gilbert, once a small town in AZ has begun to grow over the years with many young families and young adults moving to the neighborhoods to raise families and enjoy the many different events that can be found throughout Gilbert. That being said tree trimming Gilbert experts, All About Trees say they stay busy with palm tree upkeep, making sure the trees and other foliage around the event areas stay well maintained, healthy and full of nutrients. A lot of the time trees become dangerous because of the lack of care they have received. If they are not getting the water, nutrients, and care that are needed they can start to die and become hazardous.


Did you know that for the last few decades the American Meteorological Society has called for clearer & stricter guidelines when it comes to outdoor events and large gatherings? Each year people die at different events or are seriously injured due to falling trees or other debris caused by weather-related issues. And AMS who is a leading weather-related organization also states that if there were better guidelines in place and better prior planning in place a lot of weather or foliage related injuries and deaths at these big events can be prevented. The good thing is even if there is still work to be done to create and set in place these stricter guidelines, we are aware of the problem and will continue to use the August 2011 Sugarland concert as a reference to why we need to be prepared at these events. The safety and lives of others depend on it!



With COVID-19 hitting America and the entire world as hard & as fast as it has many big music events have been cancelled. And while many are devastated they are also in fear of what going to these huge venues could entail health risk wise. Is there any end in sight? Will the world ever be able to go back to some version of its old self? Entertainment events, sporting events, Broadway shows and the like will once again be able to commence, but with it the reality of new safety precautions for your health.

Take a look at just some of the major music events that have been cancelled around the globe due to the new COVID-19 restrictions & safety procedures.

  • Coachella Music Festiva-Indio Valley, California
  • Stagecoach Music Festival-Indio, California
  • SXSW-Austin Based Music Festival
  • Glastonbury Festival- 5-day British Music Festival
  • Bonnaroo- Tennesse Music Festival
  • Country Thunder- Florence, AZ
  • Firefly Music Festival- Dover, Delaware

These are just some of the music events that have been cancelled for the year 2020. On top of these events, Broadway performances have been suspended indefinitely as well as other huge conferences like Comic-Con, The Met Gala, and various award shows. Some are hoping to reschedule for a later date but with the looks of things even who knows really when that could even be!



You don’t have to be a festival-goer to have heard of Coachella. The world-famous annual festival that takes place in Indio Valley, California each year at the Empire Polo Club. Officially established in 1999, the festival takes place over the span of two consecutive 3-day weekends. It boasts an average attendance of 500,000 people throughout the festival’s entirety. Year after year attendees returns for the many bands and other activities and performances. Even celebrities are among the crowd who mingle about. That being said, how do you go about planning an event of this capacity and do so well?

Criteria Of Large Event Planning

Just The Right Size- The venue where your event will take place must be a perfect size, not to big and definitely not too small! It has to work for the anticipated attendance with a little give on both ends. You also don’t want to spend additional funds from your budget in space you really don’t need.

Security- You need to make sure that you have all of the right security and medical personnel on hand to accommodate your crowd. Think Fire protection, Staff, Medical Response Teams, etc. It is great when you can partner with the host city of your event and is highly suggested you check into this option.

Advance Planning- You need to make sure you give yourself adequate time to both plan and execute your event. It is best to start early and have plenty of time to spare. Start booking necessary vendors, entertainment, etc. You don’t want to be left in a mind at the last minute because of poor planning.

Sanitary Conditions- It is also important to make the sanitary conditions at your event a top priority. You need to make sure that you have enough waste facilities such as port-a-potties, handwashing stations, and cleaning drinking fountain areas.

Budget- Know your budget and stick to it as closely as possible. It is in place for a reason. Outline your financial strategy to help prevent overspending in certain areas or in the entire planning process as a whole.

Even if you aren’t planning a big event yet you can learn a thing or two from studying the planning of Coachella. After all year after year, the event is a huge success with those that attend leaving with the anticipation and excitement of next year!




In one of our last blog posts, we wrote about the importance of sponsorships to a music festival as well as the great marketing technique for the sponsoring business. This is just one example of the intricate parts needed to put on a music festival and an amazing one at that. 

Amazing Music Festivals Are Born Out Of The Small Details

That’s right, amazing music festivals are born out of the small details. From the festival gear & apparel available to the outhouses, vendors and band line up all the big and small parts create the festival itself. One of the biggest factors to consider when presenting a festival is waste management. From sanitary bathroom facilities to sinks and handwashing areas and the disposal of waste, all of these matters! Working with a reputable portable bathroom company and utilizing large on-site dumpsters that can be hauled away easily are great ways to get a handle on waste management. Not to mention the more efficiently you handle waste conditions at a festival the easier and more sanitary the clean up is after the festival is over. Having a sanitation and waste disposal issue in the midst of a large festival can not only be problematic and stressful it can also create larger issues that can threaten the success of the festival itself.


Check out your area and do your due diligence when it comes to waste management and sanitation services. Finding a company you like and trust can make all the difference. A lot of times companies will work with you giving incentives should you utilize their services on a contractual basis. Florida based company, Dumpster Today, offers free delivery and pick up of your dumpster taking one less thing off your list of things to worry about. That means should you need the dumpster emptied every day, which is highly likely, you just schedule a pickup time and let them take care of the waste disposal. 


Breaking down your festival prep into segments can help you to gain control of the list of small stuff that needs to be taken care of to prevent bigger issues down the road. Great music festivals aren’t born they are created! 


Whether you are attending your very first music festival or you are about to enjoy your 6th but always seem to forget something essential, check out this video on what you should not leave home without!

Much of the success behind creating spectacular music festivals are the sponsors that help to make the festival possible. But not only does sponsorship benefit the festival at hand along with the musicians it also benefits the business. In fact, becoming a music event/festival sponsor has many great benefits and can have a very positive impact on the business providing sponsorship.

Perhaps the only downfall of becoming a sponsor of a music festival is finding the right fit when it comes to genres of music or festival style.

Why is pairing your business with the right music important for your brand?

One of the positive aspects of becoming a sponsor is that you have the ability to use the bands performing as a way to gauge the demographics of people that you will be reaching. This, in turn, helps you to showcase or bring awareness to your brand in the right capacity.

201 Wrap is a paint protection film & vehicle wrap business out of Florida. They began sponsorship of music festivals after adding a PPF to one of the band’s tour buses. They loved the band and the music and saw an opportunity to not only market their business but to also be a part of the music they identified with, while also helping to bring the community together. There is something about the love for music and the rush of enjoying it live in a concert-like venue. 

Their first music festival sponsorship started 6 years ago and they continue to sponsor a handful of festivals/events a year. Since building these sponsorship relationships they have seen a huge increase in sales and revenue. They have increased their brand awareness and have also gained many referrals in the music industry. And while they may have discovered this marketing technique early on, more and more businesses are entering into the music sponsorship industry to help bring communities together and create brand awareness at their targeted demographic. In 2016 it was reported that the music sponsorship industry was labeled the highest sponsorship industry with more than $1.4 billion dollars in contributions.

Music sponsorship is an amazing marketing concept as well as something fantastic to be a part of. Music has a way of reaching people and creating a bond between those who love and identify with the same music. A big part of who you are and the services/products you offer as a business stems from your core values and beliefs. Consumers tend to gravitate towards the ones that they feel have the same moral standings and concepts as themselves. 



Music festivals creates a vibe that every person loses the stress and flow with the eternity falling into the ears. Every part of the world is unique and so is the taste of music and its composition around the world. Some likes Pink Floyd and some would die for AR Rahman, where both share completely different genres, proving the diversity and hence is sometimes loves from the common public. Music has no definition, no language and no barriers. It has a capability to heal the most complicated part of the body, the mind. Sometimes, when you are seeking answers to the most difficult questions and stuck in the shackles of life, music has the power to bring some comfort in the senses and the motivation you desire. With thousands of people standing around, feeling the same elation, thunder, escape and love for the music it is hard to look into the eyes of all and see how music is lifting every soul in the crowd.

With such enthusiastic responses from the crowd, every country witness hundreds of music concert every year and it does not seem any less than a festival. Some of the most famous music festivals are listed below:



Electric Daisy Carnival (Las Vegas)



Not that Las Vegas needs any special mentioning with the amazing vibes and life it consists, it is pretty obvious how entertaining this city can possibly be. Electric Daisy is one of the finest electric music festivals in the world with a speciality of its classic rave music. It is a powerhouse of different music like bounce, trap, techno, house, hard-style, bass, trance, and the list doesn’t stop just here. The DJs the festival embraces are amongst world’s best like, Mike, Yellow Claw, Armin Van Burren, and Dimitri Vegas.


New Orleans Jazz and Heritage


jazz and Heritage



Being not just the oldest but also one of the biggest and greatest music festivals around the world. Steve has remarkably embraced the festival in the past and who else can turn a barren land into fairy tale other than him!






First marked its way through the crowd in 1994, celebrated a silver jubilee of African-American women magazine and the event grew into one of the largest music festivals of the world and has become a culture to celebrate for African-Americans of United States.




greatest festival


Sziget used to be known as greatest island festival in Budapest, though the roots have grown and reached the up-heights as Europe’s greatest festival with the involvements of great artists like Rihanna, Sia, and Sigur Ros entertaining the crowd to the peaks. It attracts a great crowd from Hungary and keep them uplifted for a whole week of summers.

  • Coachella
  • Rock in Rio
  • Woodstock
  • Summerfest
  • Mawazine
  • Tomorrowland