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We have tie-ups with all the best music bands and the best musicians in the country. Each and every one of them is so talented, unique and extraordinary. There are a lot of things in the world that cannot be substituted with anything. One of them is music.

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Swing 39 Jazz Band

Swing 39 is one of the famous bands when it comes to jazz. Their rendition has always been very exceptional, and they have a huge fan following all over the country. We are sure that anyone will fall in love with their performances.

Music Band Playlists

Known Local Musicians

Entertainment for Weddings, Banquets, and other functions.

Solo Classical Violin Music

Wedding ceremony and drinks reception.

‘Night & Day’ Jazz Duo

Solo Piano Artist Vibrant, sparkling, upbeat melodies combined with relaxing smooth jazz.

Enjoy With Live Bands.

This music will be played from a sheet music folder with a music stand.

About Us

Even though we are very different people in many ways, the one thing that is uniting us is music. What started as a hobby later led to being a carrier. When we are doing some small gigs, a person suggested that we take the next big step. We took it, and there is no turning back from that.

Band Members

Ethan Simmons

Ethan Simmons

Solo Violinist
Ian An

Ian An

Dance Band
Brian Loton

Brian Loton

Solo Piano Artist
James Gardner

James Gardner

Sheet Music

Our Blog

Landscape, Vegetation & Your Venue

What many don’t realize when it comes to preparing a venue for a concert, show or any kind of entertainment event, weather & nature are two very important factors to consider. A great event to reference that was extremely effected by weather conditions is the Sugarland concert that took place at the Indiana State Fair Grounds in August of 2011. Even with multiple severe thunderstorm warnings and advisement from experts, the venue planners & band were more concerned about the rescheduling of the concert than the safety of themselves and the concert go-ers. In the end, the stage collapsed killing 7 innocent people and seriously injuring 58 others. When it comes to concerts or events the people coming to enjoy the event are more focused on the atmosphere and the show they came to see than what is going on around them. If the event wasn’t canceled because of some storm warning it must not be that bad right? However, if you stop and take a look at your surroundings if a storm were to hit would the concert go-ers, staff, entertainers and all others be safe? Are the trees around the area and other foliage well taken care of so as not to have any falling trees, branches, etc. that could potentially become dangerous or deadly? A local arborist based out of Phoenix, Arizona states, "you would be surprised at just how dangerous seemingly safe landscaping can be". Gilbert, once a small town in AZ has begun to grow over the years with many young families and young adults moving to the neighborhoods to raise families and enjoy the many different events that can be found throughout Gilbert. That being said tree trimming Gilbert experts, All About Trees say they stay busy with palm tree upkeep, making sure the trees and other foliage around the event areas stay well maintained, healthy and full of nutrients. A lot of the time trees become dangerous because of the lack of care they have received. If they are not getting the water, nutrients, and care that are needed they can start to die and become hazardous.

Planning Coachella

You don’t have to be a festival-goer to have heard of Coachella. The world-famous annual festival that takes place in Indio Valley, California each year at the Empire Polo Club. Officially established in 1999, the festival takes place over…

Music Festival Sponsorship- Incredible Marketing Concept

Much of the success behind creating spectacular music festivals are the sponsors that help to make the festival possible. But not only does sponsorship benefit the festival at hand along with the musicians it also benefits the business. In fact, becoming a music event/festival sponsor has many great benefits and can have a very positive impact on the business providing sponsorship. Perhaps the only downfall of becoming a sponsor of a music festival is finding the right fit when it comes to genres of music or festival style. Why is pairing your business with the right music important for your brand? One of the positive aspects of becoming a sponsor is that you have the ability to use the bands performing as a way to gauge the demographics of people that you will be reaching. This, in turn, helps you to showcase or bring awareness to your brand in the right capacity. 201 Wrap is a paint protection film & vehicle wrap business out of Florida. They began sponsorship of music festivals after adding a PPF to one of the band’s tour buses. They loved the band and the music and saw an opportunity to not only market their business but to also be a part of the music they identified with, while also helping to bring the community together. There is something about the love for music and the rush of enjoying it live in a concert-like venue. 

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